We’re Giving Athletes Free Mouthguards Spring Lake!

September 14, 2015

Young man with mouthguard spring lake tursts from Dooley DentalAt Dooley Dental, we love sports. And not just our professional teams, I actually think high school football provides some of the best entertainment I’ve ever seen. That could because my son Brendan was a committed Warrior football player during high school — who knows. I still believe that at the high school level, you can see pure passion, and a love of the game that you don’t find anywhere else. But we want you to remember that while they’re learning and growing on the field, young athletes are also at risk of injuring something they need for now and the rest of their lives — their teeth. That’s why this season, like every season, Dooley Dental is offering free athletic mouthguards in Spring Lake!

Free Athletic Mouthguards for Manasquan High School

September 26, 2013

Dr. Dooley Provides Free Mouthguards for Manasquan High School

It’s that most wonderful time of year of again—football season! Get ready for tailgating, cheering, and excitement. This year, like every year since 2006, Dr. Dooley is providing custom-made athletic mouthguards to any JV or Varsity Manasquan High School football players free of charge.

The Big Blue Warriors work hard on and off the field, and a little extra protection never hurts. In fact, it can help quite a bit. Up to 40% of all injuries involve the face,  with 13 to 39% of all dental injuries being sports-related. A custom-made athletic mouthguard helps athletes of all ages protect their teeth, gums, and tongue, and can even soften the severity of a concussion.

Before football players began using mouthguards or even facemasks, dental injuries were much higher. But once high schools and colleges began using both, injuries dropped by a startling 200,000 per year.

Custom-made athletic mouthguards aren’t the only type of mouthguard there is, but they provides the best fit and the best protection—and Dr. Dooley is offering them for free.

Dr. Dooley counts himself blessed to be able to help local high athletes! His son Brendan played football for Manasquan High School from 2005 through 2009, and it was quite a ride! Manasquan Football has pride and produces Warriors for life. Many thanks to the school, coaches and volunteers who make it all possible.

For a list of this year’s games, click here. Go Big Blue!