Teeth Whitening in Spring Lake, NJ

February 16, 2016

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teeth whiteningWith spring around the corner, all thoughts turn to bright sunshine and beautiful lawns, trees and flowers. Those aren’t the only things that are bright and beautiful. Around Spring Lake, teeth whitening at Dooley Dental gives people the opportunity to have smiles that are, well, as pretty as a flower.

As we age, our smiles may succumb to a number of different things that can stain and discolor teeth. One of the main culprits is coffee. This warm and delicious beverage that many of us need and crave to start the day can lead to surface, or extrinsic, stains on your teeth. And while brushing and professional cleaning can help, eventually the stain can penetrate tooth enamel and discolor the dentin layer, giving your tooth an overall yellowed appearance.

Other common causes of darkened and discolored teeth include more beverages and foods, such as tea and cola, or chocolate and berries; cracks that harbor stain-causing debris; certain medications and medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation; teeth grinding; internal tooth injury; and genetics.

For Teeth Whitening, Belmar Residents Trust Dr. Dooley

At Dooley Dental, we offer two kinds of teeth whitening options. For our patients who would like to whiten as quickly as possible, we have an in-office treatment. In about an hour’s time, you’ll have a smile that is noticeably brighter. After covering your lips and gums for protection, professional grade whitening gel is applied to your teeth. All you have to do is relax in the chair while the gel goes to work lifting stains from the surface of your teeth and below. When the process is complete, your smile will be several shades whiter.

On the other hand, if you would prefer to whiten on your own time, we have a take-home kit. Dr. Dooley and his staff respect patients who have

busy schedules and simply cannot take the time out of their days for another appointment. Our take home whitening kits come with custom-fitted mouth trays and whitening gel. Simply fill the trays and wear them for 20 to 30 minutes a day. You’ll see a difference after just one treatment, but the most dramatic results will appear after two weeks.

Call Our Office Today

If you’d like to get your smile ready for spring, then call Dooley Dental in Spring Lake, NJ, today to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in the office or to receive your take-home whitening kit. Either way, your smile will be as bright and beautiful as a spring day!

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