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Keeping Kids Smiling with Wall Township Children's Dentistry

You worry about your child’s safety and their overall well-being, especially when it comes to their health. Does this concern extend to their dental care as well? If you would like to help safeguard your loved one’s mouth from extensive damage and decay, speak with the gentle children’s dentistry team at Dooley Dental. Our practice serving Point Pleasant is ready to help the little smiles of your family with compassionate children’s dentistry.

During a children’s dentistry appointment, Dr. Dooley closely examines your son or daughter’s teeth and gums. If he notices anything abnormal with the way your child’s teeth are developing, he can address it at this time. After examination, one of the kind members of our dental hygienist staff gently cleans your child’s teeth and teaches him or her the basics of dental care. The team at Dooley Dental hopes that we can effectively equip your child with the knowledge necessary to maintain their pearly whites!


Your child’s dental exam includes opportunities to prevent cavities with sealants, special fluoride toothpaste, and restoring mouth rinses. The examination may also provide an opportunity to prevent early orthodontic problems, and if necessary, orthodontic treatment is recommended. Dr. Dooley’s training in orthodontics utilizes the latest technology allowing most children’s treatment to be completed in 12 to 18 months in many cases!

If you would like to help the teeth and gums of your little ones, please contact us today to arrange a children’s dentistry examination. Dr. Dooley sees young patients from Wall Township, and nearby New Jersey areas. If this is your child’s initial trip to the dentist, please take the time to review the information listed on our new patient page.

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