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Dooley Dental Spring Newsletter 2018

When people enjoy the look of their smile, they feel more confident in their daily lives. Helping patients feel empowered and confident is the benefit of aesthetic dentistry at Dooley Dental. We hope that by reading this patient profile you’ll feel encouraged to choose us for your future cosmetic treatment.

Meet Erica

Veneer patient Erica Even after pursuing orthodontic and teeth whitening treatments, Erica wasn’t happy with her smile. “After seeing numerous dentists, I never achieved the smile I was looking for,” she told us during her consultation. Unfortunately, her orthodontic treatment had relapsed, causing misalignments in her teeth to reappear. This left her unhappy with her current smile, so she came to Dooley Dental to see if we could make her smile look the way she wanted.

“I was curious about changing my smile and asked Dr. Dooley what could be done. I came to see him as a new patient after hearing very good things about him and his office,” she told our staff.

We’re very happy to hear that our patients are saying good things about us! In Erica’s case, we decided that porcelain veneers would be the best solution to provide her the smile she was looking for.

The Treatment Process for Porcelain Veneers

model of veneers Porcelain veneers are very thin coverings that bond to the visible surfaces of teeth. When Erica first arrived, we began discussing how we could improve her smile using porcelain veneers and what the treatment would entail. We made sure to pay close attention to her needs and inform her of all the necessary steps before beginning treatment.

“Dr. Dooley made me feel very comfortable about the procedure and made sure all of my questions were answered. With very minimal preparation to my teeth, the process was quick and painless.”

In as little as two visits, Erica had a smile she felt comfortable and proud to show off to her friends and family. Once we placed her veneers, she took a moment to smile in the mirror. We soon realized she was completely satisfied with her new smile.

“The results are amazing. Dr. Dooley gave me the smile I had been in search of and it was the best decision I ever made. I now have my dream teeth and smile!”

There are many patients out there exactly like Erica, so don’t be afraid to tell us about any concerns you may have about the appearance of your smile during your routine checkup. If you or someone you know has always wanted to improve the look of their smile, feel free to direct them to our contact page to schedule a consultation!

Image of before porcelain veneers Image of after with porcelain veneers
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Your Hygienist Knows Quality When She Sees It!

At Dooley Dental, we always want our patients to feel confident when receiving treatment. You can expect high-quality dental staff when you walk through our front door. As part of our quarterly newsletter, it’s our pleasure to highlight our talented and caring registered dental hygienist, Audra.

Getting to Know Audra

Hygenist Audra In her 24 years of experience as a registered dental hygienist, it has always been Audra’s number one priority to provide patients with compassion, respect, and only the highest level of care. She started her dental career at Union County College located in Scotch Plains, NJ, where she worked diligently to earn her Associates Degree in Applied Science and Dental Hygiene.

Her mission at Dooley Dental has been to help patients feel good about their smile, educate them on proper at-home oral care habits and attain optimal oral health.

Why She Chose Us for Her Cosmetic Dental Work

Porcelain veneers One of the great things about Audra getting porcelain veneers from us is she’s a living example of the high-quality cosmetic dentistry you can expect from Dooley Dental. She had been looking for ways to make her smile brighter and more natural-looking, so porcelain veneers proved to be the ideal solution for Audra. Additionally, if patients are curious about porcelain veneers but don’t know what to expect, Audra is the perfect person to provide her unique insight as a patient and a professional.

When patients have been unhappy with their smile for years, it can be quite breathtaking for them to watch it transform so dramatically in such a short period of time. For Audra, creating the same experience she had for future patients is one of her favorite parts of being a hygienist. Witnessing their joy on a regular basis is incredibly rewarding for her as well as the rest of the Dooley Dental team, so we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to deliver a smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Learn About the Audra Outside the Office!

Audra When Audra is not helping people improve their smiles and oral health, she’s spending time at home with her family. She’s married and has two children, a son and daughter, who are very active. One of her favorite pastimes is watching them play sports. She also enjoys riding bikes with them, spending time at the beach, and relaxing poolside.

With Audra by your side, we know that you’ll be very happy during your regular cleanings. If you know a family member or friend who’s looking to transform their smile, feel free to tell them about our practice. We can’t wait to give you a healthy smile that you’re proud to show off, just like Audra!

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Introducing the New Trios Scanner to Our Office!

dental digital scan Dooley Dental is always working to improve your experience. High technology has in it the promise of amazing improvements in precision, accuracy, time, and of course comfort. Feeling nervous or apprehensive before treatment is normal but high technology can improve your experience.

We’ve decided to bring in the new TRIOS Intraoral scanner to our practice. We’re highlighting this device because it helps us make your dental visits quicker and easier, so you can get the treatment you need without worry.

Enhancing Your Treatment Experience

digital xray of a toothUsing traditional impression material has been sufficient in the past, but we understand many patients would prefer to forgo it if they had the option. Most people don’t enjoy using the material, but it’s been the standard choice by dentists for years because of its effectiveness.

Now that we’re going digital, we can replace the use of impression material almost entirely. We consider patient comfort to be a very high priority, so being able to improve that, while also improving the accuracy of your restorations and clear aligners is a win-win for patients and dentists alike.

The Benefits You Can Expect

woman in dental chair Very quickly, the staff at Dooley Dental can capture the bottom arch, top arch, and occlusion of your mouth with ease. Because of the incredibly quick scan speed TRIOS provides, you won’t have to spend as much time in the dental chair as we collect data for your restorations.

After obtaining a fully-rendered image, we can show you a colored illustration of your teeth, which will give you additional insights and help us provide better treatment plans. Whether you’re pursuing dental implants, orthodontic clear aligners, or just a simple crown or bridge, the TRIOS Intraoral scanner can handle it.

If you or someone you know needs a dental restoration or simply wants to pursue orthodontic treatment, we hope you’ll recommend our practice! You can schedule a consultation or give us a call here.

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