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At Dooley Dental, patient comfort and relaxation are our priorities. While you’re waiting to be seen, snuggle up with a comfortable blanket and fluffy pillow and enjoy watching your favorite show on a satellite television – they’re in every examination room!

If you’re afraid of the dentist, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it. A majority of Americans have reported feeling fearful or apprehensive before a dental checkup. Unfortunately, this can result in patients cancelling scheduled appointments or even skipping out altogether. Dr. Dooley knows how detrimental this is to a patient’s dental health, so he offers nitrous oxide sedation during the exam to help ease your jitters. Nitrous oxide is a gas, which is inhaled through the nose, and creates a calming, practically euphoric sensation in patients, allowing them to brave the dental chair. However, if you have a more severe fear of dental work, you may need something a little stronger. Other options are available for fearful patients and may be discussed with Dr. Dooley.



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