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Refreshing Restorative Dentistry in Wall Township, NJ

Are you affected by a broken smile? Comprehensive restorative dentistry treatments at Dooley Dental can mend your smile. Dr. Edward J. Dooley and his compassionate dental team enjoy repairing smiles at our Wall Township dental practice from residents of Belmar to Brielle and beyond. With our thorough examinations and progressive dental procedures, we’re able to effectively heal the mouths of countless restorative dentistry patients. To schedule an appointment with the talented professionals at Dooley Dental, please contact us today.

Crowns & Bridges

Have you lost one to three teeth in a row? If you have intact, strong teeth on either side of the space, Dr. Dooley can fill the gap using crown and bridge therapy. A crown protectively caps a tooth and is attached to a dental bridge, which is a row of one or more replacement teeth. This restorative dentistry measure provides permanent and stable smile restoration.

Dentures & Partials

Are you facing a multiple tooth extraction or have you lost the majority of your teeth? We regularly fit patients for full dentures and partials. People worry that these prosthetics won’t provide the level of stability that they desire, but our restorative dentistry team is skilled with accurately fitting dental prosthetics for any patients.

Gum Disease Therapy

Not all of our restorative dentistry procedures center on replacing teeth. Gum disease therapy is an equally important asset for patients in the Manasquan area. This disease is prevalent among adults, and Dr. Dooley works with patients to heal the adverse effects.

Root Canal Therapy

Has one of your teeth developed an infection? Dr. Dooley can restore optimal oral health and wellbeing with root canal therapy. During your root canal, our team cleans out the interior of your tooth, removing any trace of infection, before filling it and placing a protective, supportive crown over it. Your custom-made crown won’t just improve your tooth’s strength and appearance, it will also protect it from developing a new infection.

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Modern Tooth Replacements with Dental Implants

We have a variety of tooth replacement methods to refresh any smile, but for patients who want a permanent smile restoration, dental implants create a stable and secure smile. They remake a tooth down to the root and look completely natural! Ask Dr. Dooley if this restorative dentistry measure is suitable for your needs, and find out more about our variety of tooth replacement options.

Please call us to schedule a restorative dentistry exam. Dr. Dooley routinely helps patients from Wall Township and surrounding New Jersey communities.

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