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Gum Disease Therapy in Wall Township

You might not take the health of your gums into account when you’re assessing overall dental health, but don’t worry, Edward J. Dooley, DMD carefully evaluates the state of your gums during each checkup. There are a variety of problems that can take place in gum tissue, and our compassionate team is ready to do what we can to treat mouths affected by gum disease.

As many as four in five people are impacted by gum disease throughout their lives. Harmful bacteria creates byproducts called ‘plaque.’ When plaque is located in places that a toothbrush can’t reach, such as under the gum line, it can cause periodontal disease! If your teeth feel loose or gums bleed when you brush, you might have gum disease.

Gum disease is no joke, and when Dr. Dooley discovers this damaging oral health concern, he’ll get to work immediately. Gum disease therapy from Dooley Dental involves scaling and root planing. During this method of gum disease therapy, Dr. Dooley scrapes away buildups of tartar and plaque that have infiltrated your gum line. Call Dooley Dental if you believe that you’re in need of gum disease therapy. Modern treatment of gum disease does not typically include surgery thanks to laser treatment which can even regenerate new gum tissue and bone attachment for diseased teeth.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to receive gum disease therapy from Dooley Dental, please contact us today. Dr. Dooley sees patients from Avon and other New Jersey cities. If this will be your first visit to our practice, please take a moment to review the information detailed on our new patient page.

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