6 Notorious Foods That Get Stuck in Your Teeth

March 14, 2024

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woman using a toothpick on stuck food in her teeth

Public speaking is a major fear for many people. In fact, it ranks higher than death! After lunch, it’s time for you to stand up and deliver your well-prepared presentation, but you suddenly feel a bit of food between your front teeth heightening your anxiety.

Want to avoid this kind of scenario? Any food can be to blame, but being aware of the most common culprits of getting stuck in your teeth can help you keep your smile clear and ready for anything!


Popcorn may be a movie-goer’s favorite snack, but this choice can lead to trouble when it comes to your smile. In fact, dentists strongly recommend never chewing on kernels because of the high risk of fracturing your teeth. Even if you avoid the whole kernels, the thin, hard shells of the popcorn can slip between teeth, causing discomfort and possible embarrassment.

Raspberries or Blackberries

Most fruit contains necessary vitamins and minerals for your body. However, certain berries, namely raspberries and blackberries, have quite a few seeds mixed in. In fact, the average raspberry has over 100 seeds, which can feel rock hard! If you’re not careful while eating them, seeds can sneak into the spaces between teeth and become wedged or even cause further damage.

Potato Chips

At first, potato chips are crunchy and crisp, but these thin, starchy snacks quickly absorb moisture, priming them to fit in between teeth and stick to them. The same can happen with crackers and baked goods. With these bits adhering to teeth, it not only attracts negative attention to your mouth but also allows bacteria-filled plaque to form, potentially leading to decay or infection if it isn’t removed.


Whether you enjoy juicy corn on the cob or eat it with a utensil, the exterior layer of the corn is perfectly thin to slide between teeth. In other words, don’t be surprised if corn gives you dental trouble!


Leafy greens contain many nutrients, but spinach in particular is notorious for getting stuck in teeth. Unfortunately, the deep, dark green stands out against white teeth, drawing unwanted attention.

Certain Meats

If you eat enough pork, steak, chicken, or other kinds of meat, you’re bound at some point to have some wedged in your teeth, particularly your molars. Consisting of strands of muscle, meat can generally be difficult to get out, but meat you eat directly off the bone, such ribs or chicken wings, is especially prone to finding its way between your front teeth.

Regardless of the circumstances, you can be prepared by having floss handy. If you’re desperate, you can try to use a toothpick, but it’s not ideal. A quick flossing can remove the stuck food and help you feel more confident. As a result, you can feel better about giving that presentation and making a positive impression on your audience.

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Although Dr. Edward Dooley has advanced training and expertise in complex treatments, such as dental implants, he encourages simple preventive habits to keep smiles healthy. As a Fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, he has proven his excellence in this area of dentistry, and he has about 40 years of experience behind him. To schedule a dental appointment at his practice, Dooley Dental, in Spring Lake, contact the team online or call 732-974-2288.

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