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3 Ways Your Tax Refund Can Benefit Your Smile

April 7, 2022

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Tax refund

Tax Day will be here before you know it, and you may already be excited to have a little bit of extra cash floating around that wasn’t available before. There are countless things that you could invest your tax refund on, but many people end up spending this on things that they don’t necessarily need. Something that you could benefit from is investing your tax refund on your smile. Read on to learn a few reasons why you should invest in your oral health for this occasion.


Spring Cleaning: Why It Should Include a Dental Checkup and More

March 13, 2022

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Mother and daughter brushing teeth ahead of their spring cleaning

When the spring season appears, you’re likely thinking about ways to spend more time outside with friends and family. Of course, it’s also an ideal time to break out the cleaning supplies and give your home the routine maintenance it needs! But when most people hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” they often don’t think about their oral health. Not only is it a perfect time to reexamine your day-to-day oral care habits, but schedule a routine dental cleaning with a dentist. Learn the best tips to consider at home and the benefits of setting up a visit early in the year!


Why Does Heart Health Begin with a Smile?

February 24, 2022

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heart 3D illustration

When you think of February, Valentine’s Day probably quickly comes to mind. However, there is another reason why you should be thinking of hearts. February is American Heart Month! This is the perfect time to learn more about your body so you can stay healthy. One step to keep your cardiovascular health in good standing is maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine to prevent gum disease. Your dentist in Spring Lake warns the two have more in common than you may think. Continue reading for information about the relationship between the health of your smile and your heart.


What Are Tips for Transitioning from Dentures to Dental Implants?

February 4, 2022

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3D illustration of dental implants

The more you learn about dental implants, the more you are going to want them to be the long-term solution for your missing teeth. Nothing against your dentures; they’ve helped you out for the last several years. But you’ve done some research and you are getting ready to make a move. Keep reading to learn why you should transition from dentures, what is required to be a candidate for dental implants in Spring Lake, and what you should know to feel certain about your decision.


Tips on New Year’s Resolutions from Your Dentist in Spring Lake

January 24, 2022

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woman with 2022 new year’s balloons

Improving your health and keeping more money in your bank account, that’s a pretty excellent win-win situation right there. There are many New Year’s resolutions that will help you in both respects, and the ones that involve improving your oral health certainly qualify. You can alter your daily oral hygiene regimen, and before long you’ve changed a problematic behavior without even thinking about it. Keep reading for suggestions from your dentist in Spring Lake on New Year’s resolutions for a healthy smile.


3 Diet Trends That Aren’t Good for Your Smile

January 6, 2022

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There always seems to be a new fad diet out there. Whether your goal is to watch the number on the scale go down, or you just want to cut out additional junk food in your life, some can be effective. However, not all diet trends have the best effect on your smile. Because of this, it’s always important that you do your research before trying one out. Continue reading to learn about three popular fad diets that you should be especially careful of.


Tips on Bad Habits to Avoid with Dental Implants

December 4, 2021

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anatomy of healthy teeth and dental implant

You wouldn’t buy a convertible and then leave the top down with a thunderstorm in the forecast – at least not without regretting it.

Your dental implants are like that convertible. It’s not hyperbole to say that they are more valuable than a car in terms of their impact on your quality of life. It makes all the sense in the world that you would want to take good care of them, so they last many years.

On that note, there are things you really want to refrain from doing to ensure their lifespan. Here are bad habits to avoid from your dentist to protect your dental implants in Spring Lake.


Are Dental Implants Covered by Dental Insurance?

November 5, 2021

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Close-up Of Tooth In Front Of Businessperson Calculating Bill

Dental insurance is designed to promote preventive care that helps people avoid oral infections and tooth decay. That is why most dental insurance plans cover two exams and cleanings each year at 100%. When it comes to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, however, insurance coverage is a bit more complicated. Do you want to restore your smile in an affordable way? Keep reading to learn how insurance treats dental implants in Spring Lake and how to make the most of your benefits.


How Understanding the Parts of Your Mouth Promotes Oral Care

November 4, 2021

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illustration of open mouth

Is it possible to love food if you’ve never prepared a meal in your life? Sure. But if you know how to cook and you understand the effort, even love, that is invested into a great meal – that’s appreciation on another level.

This concept can be applied in other areas, even oral care. When you are young, and maybe even now, you are taking care of your teeth because someone relentlessly told you to. But when you understand other parts of the mouth and the roles they play, it can make you more invested in taking care of yourself and your oral hygiene.

Keep reading to learn more about your mouth from your dentist in Spring Lake.


How to Banish Bad Breath for Good

October 24, 2021

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bad breath illustration

Stubbing your toe in the dark while shuffling to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Spilling your coffee all over your white shirt. Getting pulled over for speeding.

These struggles are each preventable. And so is giving someone a hug when you have bad breath. You don’t have to give up the hug – ditch the bad breath instead!

Your dentist in Spring Lake has tips that can help you keep the causes of bad breath in check. Keep reading to find out what you can do.

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