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Top 4 Home Hygiene Tips From a Dentist in Spring Lake!

June 21, 2018

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Woman holding a toothbrush and flossWhen it comes to your oral health, some things are simply beyond your control. Examples include genetics, whether dental care was available to you as a child, and any accidents or injuries. The good news is that one important factor to your oral health is very much in your control – your home hygiene habits! The relationship between oral hygiene and oral health is clear: the more time you spend taking care of things at home, the less dental work you need from a dentist in Spring Lake! So what are some “dentist-approved” tips to make your routine as effective as possible? Keep reading for four of the best!


Summer Is the Perfect Time For a Visit With a Dentist in Wall Township!

June 17, 2018

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Group of smiling kids in the summerWho doesn’t love summertime? It’s the perfect season for a break from the busy pace of the school year, taking sunny beach vacations and spending lots of time outside. While it’s true that dental work isn’t usually at the top of the list for exciting summer plans, there isn’t a more convenient time to devote to those pearly whites! Whether you’re the parent of a school-aged child or you’re a college student who’s home for the summer, why not make sure you start the next school year with fantastic oral health? Read more to learn more about how convenient summertime checkups with a dentist in Wall Township can be and why regular dental care is so important for kids and young adults!


Dentist in Wall Township on When You Need a Root Canal

May 22, 2018

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woman with a toothacheDo you have an aching or damaged tooth? If you are worried you may need a root canal, don’t stress too much — this is a common restorative procedure that can save your tooth and keep your smile intact for a long time to come. The only way to know for sure if this is the best treatment is to visit your dentist in Wall Township, but below are some telltale signs that can let you know a root canal is indeed the best method. Keep reading to find out more about root canals and when one might be right for you.


Top Four Tips From an Emergency Dentist in Spring Lake!

May 20, 2018

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YTooth next to an emergency kitou’ve been looking forward to blowing off steam at your basketball game all week. You love spending time with your buddies and getting some exercise at the same time! But, as you’re about halfway through the game, a ball hits you directly in the face and chips one of your front teeth. Fortunately, an emergency dentist in Spring Lake is just a phone call away. But what should you do in the meantime? And how can you handle other common dental emergencies? Keep reading to find out!


Don’t Miss Your Oral Cancer Screening

April 25, 2018

Man receiving oral cancer screeningApril is oral cancer awareness month, and according to the Oral Cancer Foundation, receiving regular screenings for this disease is the best way to reduce the numbers of oral cancer related deaths each year. What better way to celebrate oral cancer awareness month than to schedule an oral cancer screening with a skilled dentist. This simple, safe, comfortable screening may just save your life!

Who Is the Best Candidate For Dental Implants in Spring Lake?

April 7, 2018

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Model of an implant in the lower jawThe American Dental Association estimates that a staggering 5 million dental implants are placed each year. Clearly, if you’re missing teeth and thinking about replacing them with implants, you’re in good company!

It’s no surprise that so many people choose implants. They look and feel very natural and are the next best thing to your own teeth. Two of the biggest advantages of dental implants in Spring Lake are that they can be customized to work for many types of patients and also have an incredibly high success rate. But who is a good candidate and who isn’t, and what kind of patients are the most successful? Keep reading to find out!


Your Dentist in Wall Township Delivers Perfect Smiles with Veneers!

March 10, 2018

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woman posing with porcelain veneersThe act of smiling is one of the simplest functions to perform. It doesn’t require much effort at all. In fact, it’s harder to frown, but when your teeth aren’t aesthetically appealing, you choose the latter. Why? You feel ashamed at the way your teeth look, so you’d rather hide them than risk the ridicule of others. Thankfully, your dentist in Wall Township has a cosmetic solution for improving your front teeth. He recommends porcelain veneers to deliver smile perfection! Continue reading to learn how.


Your Dentist in Spring Lake Says Gum Disease Impacts Heart Health

February 2, 2018

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two hands holding red heartOne misconception that still remains, unfortunately, is that the different parts of your body are disconnected. Nothing could be further from the truth because of one very simple common denominator – blood. It flows throughout your entire body, so if there is an issue in one area, it’s never completely isolated. Therefore, your oral hygiene has far greater implications than just the wellness of your mouth, teeth and gums. That explains why gum disease can lead to heart problems, which your dentist in Spring Lake will go more in depth into as you continue reading. He’ll also explain the best ways to prevent serious health issues.


Your Dentist of Spring Lake Says No More Stained or Broken Teeth!

January 25, 2018

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woman smiling with perfect teethOne of the great ironies of life is that some of the problems that plague us are the result of our own habits. This is a universal realization that applies to your oral care just as much as any other aspect of your existence. With that established, your dentist of Spring Lake considers it important for you to be aware of certain daily practices that could be contributing to your dental woes. As you continue reading you’ll learn about specific contributors to stains and broken teeth, and through your awareness you’ll be able to prevent them.


Want to Skip Your Dentist Appointment? Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea

January 14, 2018

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Oral cancer word cloudMaybe you think it’s a little inconvenient to visit the dentist near Wall Township every six months. After all, you brush and floss regularly at home, and you’re pretty sure you don’t have any habits that are endangering your oral health. Before you convince yourself not to keep your next appointment, though, we urge you to think about this critical truth: Going to the dentist could save your life. How so?


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