Could Scheduling My Child for a Dental Appointment Set Them Up for Success This Coming School Year?

August 11, 2023

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Imagine sitting down for a junior high math test. You’ve studied hard and you’re ready to ace the exam, but when you’re ten problems deep, you’re struck with a sudden toothache. You keep plowing through the test, but focusing becomes harder as the pain gets worse and worse, turning what should have been an A into a C.

This is a harsh reality that can happen to your student without proper oral care. That’s why it’s a great idea to schedule your child for a dental appointment before school begins. Your dentist will be able to catch any small issues before they become major obstacles during the school year. Here’s more about how this preventive measure can help your child’s grades.

If You Want Good Grades, You Have to Show Up

You can’t learn about math and literature when you’re missing school to be at the dentist’s office. More absences from school are associated with poorer grades, and the average student misses about six days of school every year with two of them being due to dental issues. This can also take its toll on their parents’ work schedules because a child will need an adult to accompany them to their dental appointments.

The need for the most time-consuming dental work in schoolchildren can be avoided with good oral care, so getting your kid to the dentist before school starts can keep them in class this coming year.

A Dentist’s Visit Can Put Your Child’s Hygiene Back on the Right Track

Equally important to regular dental visits is your child’s at-home oral care, and summer has a way of discouraging kids from maintaining their oral hygiene habits. Children can also be unreliable about reporting dental problems. They might fear being punished for not brushing their teeth or they might not realize that their discomfort has anything to do with dentistry at all. A dentist’s visit before this school year starts can catch small dental problems before they get worse while also helping your child understand what they need for good oral health at home.

Your Child’s Dentist Can Provide a Mouthguard for Sports

Sports are a great way to have fun, get exercise, and learn about teamwork, but they have a colorful history when it comes to dental injuries. Sports like soccer, football, baseball, and hockey can have a lot of energy swinging around that could cause a lot of injury if it lands on your child’s teeth. That’s why your dentist is ready to provide your child with a mouthguard that is superior to anything you could buy at the store. That way, your child can charge for the goal while remaining safe from dental injuries.

Your child’s teeth are a precious commodity that should serve them well for a lifetime, and good dental health prevents some nasty distractions that can disrupt education. Scheduling a dental appointment before school starts can set your child up for a solid year of academic success.

About the Author

Dr. Edward J. Dooley earned his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He has served as a naval dental officer and a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. His practice in Spring Lake, NJ, offers general, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. If you are interested in scheduling a dental appointment for your child before the school year starts, contact his office online or dial (732) 974-2288.

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