Dentist in Wall Township Uses Advanced Technology

October 31, 2016

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Your dentist in Wall Township, Dr. Edward Dooley, employs air abrasion, digital X-rays and more for great care. Read about advanced technology here.Modern dental technology is truly amazing. Your Dentist in Wall Township, Dr. Edward Dooley, delivers state-of-the-art preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services using the latest in diagnostic and treatment techniques. The goal is always a beautiful healthy smile and a comfortable, patient-centered experience.

Examples of Advanced Dental Technology

What do the words “advanced,” “modern,” or “state-of-the-art” translate to in terms of the patient experience? Well, at Dooley Dental we can give you several examples–some of which apply to how we deliver your dental services and other apply to actual services themselves.

Whatever the case, rest assured that Dr. Edward Dooley and his staff are committed to maintaining the highest level of of skills possible. No matter who greets you, treats you or handles your personal, medical or financial information, you get superior care and respect. We value our relationship with you!

Here are some examples of advanced dental technology used by your Wall Township dentist and his staff.

Digital X-rays Dentists have always used X-rays to diagnose conditions such as dental decay or impacted wisdom teeth.  They give the doctor pictures of what he cannot see with the naked eye. The four typical kinds of X-rays are periapical (showing the whole tooth), bite-wing (showing how back teeth come together), panoramic (visualizing the jaw, sinuses and other bony structures) and occlusal (helpful with tooth development).

In the past, X-rays gave off a lot of worrisome radiation. Today, X-rays are digital, allowing Dr. Dooley and his professional colleagues access to clearer images with just a fraction of the radiation. Additionally, images are viewed instantaneously and simultaneously by doctor and patient via chairside monitor.

Charting Your dental records no longer set in a paper file on a shelf. Rather, the office staff at Dooley Dentist uses paperless storage for immediate and secure filing and retrieval of your most personal information. The process is eco-friendly, too!

Air Abrasion Does the noise of a dental drill get on your nerves? Dr. Dooley can treat small cavities and meet other restorative needs with air abrasion. Using a small hand held tool, the dentist employs a stream of air, combined with ultra-fine aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate particles, to sand away decay and other imperfections. There’s no heat, no vibration and no collateral damage to healthy tooth structure.

Laser Gum Therapy This focused light treatment of periodontal infection needs no suturing and little to no anesthesia. It debrides swollen gums more comfortably and targets only the areas requiring treatment. Recovery time is rapid as well.  Dr. Dooley is a member of the World Clinical Laser Institute, the biggest laser education organization for health care professionals.

Excellence in Dentistry

At Dooley Dental, we strive to deliver it every day. Have you scheduled your routine exam and cleaning? If not contact the office today for a convenient appointment time. When you come to see us, ask us what’s new in the world of dentistry!

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