Summer Is the Perfect Time For a Visit With a Dentist in Wall Township!

June 17, 2018

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Group of smiling kids in the summerWho doesn’t love summertime? It’s the perfect season for a break from the busy pace of the school year, taking sunny beach vacations and spending lots of time outside. While it’s true that dental work isn’t usually at the top of the list for exciting summer plans, there isn’t a more convenient time to devote to those pearly whites! Whether you’re the parent of a school-aged child or you’re a college student who’s home for the summer, why not make sure you start the next school year with fantastic oral health? Read more to learn more about how convenient summertime checkups with a dentist in Wall Township can be and why regular dental care is so important for kids and young adults!

Why Is Summertime Such a Great Time For Dental Care?

As you know if you’ve ever tried to schedule dental or medical visits in the midst of a packed schedule, it can be really difficult! Not to mention that the missed time at school has to be made up at some point.

Also, if a more extensive procedure is necessary that requires several days for healing, such as having the wisdom teeth taken out, summertime is ideal.

Here are some additional good reasons to take advantage of summer schedules:

  • Convenience – In many cases, a dentist’s schedule is lighter at this time of year, so there’s less competition for finding appointments for the whole family.
  • Confidence – Studies have shown that children and young adults have more self-esteem and an enhanced self-image when their teeth are clean and healthy.
  • Beat the heat – In the dog days of summer, it feels great to go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned, no matter how old you are!

Why Is Routine Dental Care So Important For Kids and Young Adults?

Preventative dental care is especially important for young people because their oral health at an early age sets the foundation for the smile they’ll have for life!

Here are some other benefits of regular dental care:

  • Seeing a dentist twice a year is crucial for finding cavities as soon as possible, when they’re easier and less expensive to fix.
  • It’s also a chance to be evaluated for any major dental needs such as having the wisdom teeth removed.
  • Young people especially benefit from preventative treatments like fluoride to strengthen the enamel and prevent decay.
  • Many kids and young adults consume a lot of sugary snacks and beverages, while also struggling with their hygiene habits. That’s a recipe for a lot of cavities! Checkups are a great time to educate them about the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums, and also help them with their brushing and flossing technique.

Why not take advantage of everyone’s lighter schedule and make sure you start the next school year off on the right foot? A confident smile is a great way to do that!

About the Author

Dr. Edward Dooley is a general dentist with over 35 years of experience, and also a father of two, so he knows how busy the school year is for kids of all ages. That’s why he encourages parents and college students to take advantage of their summer break to make sure they have healthy smiles for the upcoming school year. If you have any questions, he can be reached via his website or at (732) 974-2288.

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