Signs and prevention of Spring Lake gum disease

July 9, 2016

Wall Township Gum DiseasePreventive dentistry involved more than your teeth. The health of your gums and other soft tissues of the mouth are very important. Dr. Edward J. Dooley educates his patients on the signs and prevention of Spring Lake gum disease, also called periodontal disease, for best oral and overall health.

Kinds and signs of periodontal disease

Gum disease in Spring Lake, Wall Township and around the United States afflicts half the adult population, says the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Its severity varies from mild gingivitis to necrotizing periodontal disease.

While mild gum disease, or what dentists call gingivitis, is not always apparent to the person who has it,signs are readily observable by your dentist and dental hygienist upon visual inspection. Plus, as the condition worsens, symptoms become more obvious. The dental team sees:

  • Reddened gums
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Pus
  • Tissue pulling away from tooth surfaces
  • Deep gum pockets measuring more than 3 mm

When left untreated, gum disease leads to substantial gum and bone recession. As supporting tissues deteriorate, teeth loosen and eventually must be extracted.

Additionally, the American Academy of Periodontology sees direct associations between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, some cancers, osteoporosis and other impactful conditions. What happens in your mouth affects your entire body.

Treatment and prevention of Wall Township gum disease

Dr. Dooley and his staff employ tooth scaling and root planing to deep clean accumulated plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and below the gum line. Plaque and tartar from the food we eat, along with the oral bacteria they harbor, cause the inflammation characteristic of all kinds of gum disease. Simple deep cleaning at Dooley Dental works well to restore diseased gums to full health.

Dr. Dooley is expert in use of the soft tissue laser, an innovative way to clean and debride infected gums with no cutting, bleeding or suturing. Other periodontal therapies include antibiotics and oral surgery depending on the nature of the problem.

Of course, the best treatment for Spring Lake gum disease is preventing it in the first place. Patients may do this by:

  • Stopping smoking as tobacco usage is a huge risk factor for gum disease
  • Drinking plenty of water every day to wash oral surfaces and stimulate saliva
  • Brushing twice a day and flossing daily to remove plaque
  • Eating a healthy diet, low in carbs and high in lean protein and fiber
  • Getting dental exams and cleanings twice a year with Dr. Dooley

Some people seem more prone

Some individuals struggle more with gum problems than others do. They may be cancer patients or immunosuppressed. Pregnant and menopausal women get gum disease, too, and sometimes, it runs in families. These individuals may need more frequent cleanings at Dooley Dental to keep gums healthy and pink.

Find out more

When you come to Dooley Dental for your check-up, ask what more you can do to combat Spring Lake gum disease. Your oral and systemic health will be the better for it.

Contact Dooley Dental to arrange your routine appointment today.

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