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Metal Vs.Tooth-colored Fillings in Wall Township

October 16, 2016

The differences between metal and tooth-colored fillings in Wall Township involve more than appearance. Learn the details from Dr. Edward Dooley. Metal fillings detract from smile aesthetics. Plus, in recent years, both patients and dental care providers have expressed concern about their safety. Could your alternative be composite resin fillings that are beautifully tooth-colored, durable and long-lasting? Dr. Edward Dooley and his staff at Dooley Dental in Wall Township place white fillings for many good reasons.


Keep Teeth Bright after Teeth Whitening in Wall Township

September 27, 2016

Teeth whitening from your dentist in Wall Township, Dr. Edward Dooley, produces amazing results. Learn how to keep teeth white for the long haul.You are pleased with the results of your professional teeth whitening in Wall Township. Gone are the dark stains and overall dull appearance of your tooth enamel. Your smile looks amazing, and you feel younger and more outgoing. How can you keep your teeth bright and sparkling? Find out from Dr. Edward Dooley.